What We Do

Welcome to Shifting Gears Consulting!

Photo Mar 30, 11 56 07 AMThis is a firm with a unique combination of skill, experience, and work ethic that means I won’t just do your job right, but you’ll see a level of creativity and passion rarely found in the consulting world.  In my humble opinion, anyway.

I provide a broad range of services to both for-profit and nonprofit businesses.  Consider me for: training, writing, process improvement, database management, fundraising, grant and sales proposal packages, social media, website management, strategic planning, board development, and just about anything that you can’t get done with a small staff.  I’ll do it right – on time and on budget and better yet, I’ll make it creative and we’ll make it fun.

If you are a for-profit corporation interested in finding ways for me to make your life easier and get that project finished, click here.

If you are a nonprofit that wishes you could snap your fingers and add more staff, click here.

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