Consulting Services: Not-for-Profit Entities

Non-Profit Project List

Does any of the below look familiar?  Does it look like something you want, but can’t seem to get?  Are these projects reminiscent of the same list you seem to create every year at the staff retreat but just can’t seem to finish?

I’ve been there.

As a non-profit, your board wants you to run like a business but on a payroll that is nothing close to a traditional business.  Volunteers are a blessing, for sure, and we all know you’d be nothing without them.  But trying to run day-to-day programs and operations on a slim staff and with the help of volunteers presents an incredible challenge that few outside the industry can ever appreciate.  I can help you make your staff – paid and volunteer – more productive, more efficient, and much more effective.  Sometimes, it just takes someone outside the agency to help you get on track so you can continue to do what you do best.



Website Overhaul Manage conversion of existing site, including coordination between designer and vendors, page creation and editing and creation of a Users Guide for staff


Database Conversion Help with vendor selection, manage conversion of data to vendor of choice, and creation of a User’s Guide for Staff


Communications Plan Craft a Communications Plan to help staff manage updates and messaging; including: website, social media, press releases, newsletters, e-mail blasts, and letters to constituents


Fundraising Event Plan Create a plan of annual fundraising events, including a Project Plan for each, that will maximize dollars raised while being mindful of limited staff and volunteer time


Job Descriptions Draft job descriptions for all critical volunteer staff


Volunteer Recruitment Assist staff in developing a system to recruit, train, motivate, and retain volunteer talent


Ambassador Program Develop the materials for an Ambassador program that will equip and empower volunteers to speak on behalf of your non-profit at recruitment and fundraising events


Proposal Binder Develop an online and print binder of materials to be used for grant writing and donation solicitation – sort of a “Development Director in a Box”


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